Tuesday, December 7, 2010

christmas part II

i snatched up that old feather tree at Hunt and Gather. They had two, i have been kicking myself ever since for only grabbing one. (and yes, I did check back but the other was already sold.)

While it may look like everything I have is coordinated, let me assure you that I am not. Many of the ornaments on the tree are ones I had when I was a child, and Aidan also has amassed a rather large collection in his 6 years of life and they are on the tree as well. The rest were all bought the first year we were married. (remember the sample sale Jess and Stace?)

Again, I just can't get enough of the old jello molds!

My tree might not be coordinated but my gifts are. I like plain white and brown paper and pretty ribbons. I usually go to Anthro and ask for extras when I am Christmas shopping but this year they are not offering gift wrapping adornments, just plain white boxes. They do, however, sell amazing velvet ribbon on wooden spools........... I may have stocked up.

You can find the ribbon here. It is so pretty and worth the splurge. My wrapping paper is a $9.00 roll of children's paper from IKEA, so I think it balances out. I also have been known to scrounge through the wrapping paper piles to save my trim from the garbage so I can re-use it as much as possible. Some of the gray ribbon I have is from our wedding!
I also splurge on the gift tags, and yes, I may have grabbed some from the garbage piles last year..... I mean we give gifts to the same people every year so why not reuse a pretty tag? Isn't it cool to be green these days????

I ordered a few gifts from this etsy shop. Her packaging and wrapping is amazing. She layers photos, old hymnals, newspaper, twine........... I don't even want anyone to open them they are so beautifully adorned, the wrapping itself is a gift of art!
So now that I have filled you in on what's under my tree, what's under yours?


Valerie said...

Oh my gosh....how pretty! Everything is simply stunning. Thanks, as always, for sharing.

Valerie said...

I had to come back for another look. Between you and style-files, I may actually do a little Christmas decorating myself. Trust me, photos will be taken if this should come to pass.

Barb said...

There is absolutely nothing under my tree but the tree skirt! Your tree, however, is beautiful!

swell.life said...

The matching wrap jobs are even more beautiful than I imagined they'd be. :) Your Christmas house is so lovely!! And the jell-o molds make the cutest collection ever. I will keep my eyes peeled at the thrift stores for you.

I am excited for G to be old enough to understand not to destroy all the presents under the tree. (We're keeping our gifts in the closet this year...I figure the ornaments are enough of a battle!)

Liv said...

I love the simplicity and beauty of the gift wrap.

I wrap all gifts in brown butcher paper and twine, you know, brown paper packages tied up with string. I bought a giant roll for my wedding and have never bought wrapping paper.... ever.

And the jello molds are the lovely!

Emily Ryan said...

Loving the decor!! I am in total agreement about the plain white and brown paper with the pretty ribbons. That is also how I like to wrap gifts. Beautiful!!

Thrift stores are the best, you can discover so many amazing finds! I wish there were more where I live. Looks like I'll just have to make some more trips to the city! =)