Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Tour ~ Final Chapter

I started showing you "Christmas around my house" a few weeks ago. I think I better wrap up the tour considering it is almost Christmas!

If you were a guest at my house this holiday season I think you would feel right at home in our little guest bedroom.

There is a vintage tinsel garland hanging on the mirror and a little golden bird nestled in the laurel topiary.

There is even a crazy quilt stocking in the room..... although you would probably find it to be empty.

My mom made it years ago and she made the matching pillow on the bed too. I am thinking someday it will be a family heirloom, right mom?

You would probably gather downstairs in our family room too. I usually decorate it quite heavily with lots of garland but this year I just used a few tinsel trees. I like it much better this way. And the clean-up will be much easier too.

Usually guests don't hang out in my room, but I will let you take a peek.......... I like to fill hurricane vases with white, gold and silver balls throughout the room.

Sometimes less is more, don't you think?


Liv said...

Beautiful house!

downthegardenpath said...

Lovely! It all looks serene but festive. Thanks for the tour.

Barb said...

Your house looks like something just out of the Pottery Barn catalog! I am still learning less is more.

Happy Holidays!

jess said...

Love your homne as always Naphtali! I used to have that same silver cubed-like star. I got it that sample sale years ago, but mine broke... I loved that star. Have a great Christmas!