Tuesday, December 14, 2010

i want to squeeze him

conversation at my house last night

Me : "Aidan, what I am going to do with you, you are getting bigger every day! I don't know what to do about you!!!!"

Aidan : "Mom, what am I going to do with you? You get more beautiful every day."

Me: "Oh, don't be silly Aidan. Don't worry. I will keep feeding you healthy food and vitamins and let you grow bigger."

Aidan: "Mom - I am serious! You are! Even when you wear ugly clothes!"

Not making that up. It really happened. Spontaneously. And if he is smart, (which he is) the next time he really wants something, he will remember the way I swooped in and thanked him with a giant hug and kiss because right then if he would have asked me if he could skip his homework to go play, or for some candy or a giant pack of Pokemon cards you know I would have been all over it.


Liv said...

So sweet.

jenica said...

So Cute. I love little boys.

bethany said...

Oh my heavens. That made me ten types of teary.

What a swell little man. :)

downthegardenpath said...

Great story! And you're both right!

swell.life said...

melt my heart, priceless. i live for mommy moments like this. this week graham learned to say (in broken martian baby words) i love you. it's presh.

Amanda said...

he is so charming! Children say such sweet things.