Saturday, December 18, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Hopefully these will be in the mailbox soon. I tried Picnik for the first time. (Thanks Bethany for the good tip!) I am in love with the font. I also ordered my photos through them- the quality was decent- and I chose them because they weren't going to crop the photo the way a lot of photo labs do. (they actually added a white border that I thought I would lop off, but I think laziness will prevail here.)


bethany said...

Still in love with this photo! And I'm a huge fan of that font. I rarely wind up using it, but I think I try it every time I edit a photo in hopes it will mesh. Someday it will mesh! :)

Happy to hear you're loving Picnik. It's my lifesaver. :)

Liv said...

So cute. I love the font too.

We're not sending Christmas cards this year, because in about a month we're going to have another birth announcement... so we think the people will get over it. :)

Amanda said...

All I use is Picnik. The possibilities are endless!