Monday, December 6, 2010

did i ever tell you

about the day Aidan and I visited "the farm?"

of course i didn't. I have hardly kept up with my blog this year.

well, we did.

we went to Gale Woods farm in Minnetrista last fall and spent a delightful day there. we watched a sheep-herding competition. (okay- I admit - that was actually pretty boring.....) we watched some national sheep-shearing-competition-winners do their thing. Aidan played on the hay bales and made apple cider.

On our way home we stopped at "Mamma's Happy" in Mound where I found a perfect little end table for my living room. The shop was conveniently located next to an old-fashioned hardware store and so we picked up some birdseed, mums, pumpkins, fabric, candy, a goldfish, some overalls, children's toys, dishes, fake flowers and a gerbil.

Just kidding.

But if you ever want to visit an old-time hardware store you should head out to Mound. That place was literally packed from floor to ceiling.

I would love to say I am done with fall pictures but I may have a few more....... at this rate I will be finishing up Christmas in July!

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