Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Quiet Weekend

Braved the No-Coast in a snowstorm. It was a brilliant plan as there weren't as many shoppers to contend with. We even had a table to eat at! And the best part is that I finished up the rest of my Christmas shopping.

We ate Trader Joe's Pumpkin waffles for breakfast (made in my Grandpop's old waffle maker!) And be sure and snatch some mandarin oranges if you are out grocery shopping. Sometimes called satsuma's they are so much better than clementines and I love them so much I ordered some online direct from a grower in California because the stores here are running low. That is one of the reasons I love the Internet...... If they work out you all may be getting them next year for Christmas.

And I am excited to meet Jessica at Crafternoon today. I am a little nervous, I have only read her blog and she seems a little too talented for the likes of me to hang with. (Her husband took the pictures for Darlene's party, will post those later, they turned out fabulous!)

I am trying these cookies for the swap. I have never made Christmas cookies with whole wheat but her recipes haven't failed me yet.

How's your weekend?


bethany said...

Completely jealous that you made it to No Coast yesterday. I had beautiful dreams of all the things I'd purchase there...unfortunately the snow kept me in EC.

It was so good to see you at Jessica's! I think we're starting a tradition that the blogosphere will bring us together every Christmas! :)

Many well wishes on the rest of your holidays! :)

Liv said...

I think the afternoon was quite a success. The most fun I've had in weeks.

And your cookies, were my absolute favorite and I can't wait to enjoy more of them tomorrow morning with my coffee.

I second Bethany, but I think something else should bring us together before next Christmas. So wonderful to meet you!