Monday, December 13, 2010

snowed in

A day for creativity and contemplation.

Pardon my random blog thoughts today.

So yes, we are snowed in, not just because of the snow, but Aidan is sick. I am actually thrilled he is sick on the weekend because between the snow and Aidan I can excuse myself from all social functions, errand running, etc. I hadn't really been in the mood to "create" this season but after last weekends Crafternoon I am again feeling inspired, so a weekend in is just what I needed!

Aidan must be feeling it too, even in his flushed cheek/feverish state he is busy coloring and creating.

Since I was snowed in I thought it would be a good chance to finish up the little gifts I wanted to give the nurses I work with. Now, I manage 44 nurses. Why I got it into my head to make them all a bag of homemade hot cocoa mix I will never understand. Not to mention, there are a few people who work closely supporting my nurses and a few other nurses who I don't manage but they work closely with us as well........ I didn't want to leave them out. Why do my ideas always end up being more work and money than I had planned???? My intent was to show them all that they are appreciated - if it wasn't for the good work they do I wouldn't have a job - so I wanted to write them all a little thank-you and give them a token of my appreciation. However, the treat bags I ordered were a lot bigger than I pictured them in my head, so even though I only filled the bags half-way I ran out of cocoa mix.

So far I have made 50 bags of hot cocoa, and I am still about 20 short. (Aidan wanted to give some to his teachers as well, and I am still missing a whole department's worth!)
This is the view from my front door. A kind neighbor came over last night and helped James snow blow out the end of our driveway. (note to self, buy a snowblower when they clearance out next spring!)

This picture was supposed to be on the top. I have not seen this much snow in years, many years. The last time I remember this much snow was in 1988. (I am sure the Midwest has had that much, but for many years we lived in PA and MO so I may have missed out.) I just have a vivid image in my mind of shoveling our sidewalks with my dad on January 12, 1988. My dad had a big, blue puffy jacket and the snow was higher than his waist. I was the "big helper" so I was able to shovel with him while my little brother stayed indoors. My dad silently shoveled and wept. My sister had died the night before in the midst of a blizzard. When we woke up on the 12th the sun was shining bright- all was serene, and we were blanketed in the fresh white that sparkled in the sun. No one could really visit us that day, the roads were snowed over. So we just stayed home, the 4 of us, and shoveled and prepared for the busyness of the days ahead.

Snowed in.

A day for creativity and contemplation.


Liv said...

I love your Paris gift tags... and I think most projects tend to be bigger than we think they will be ALWAYS. said...

Oh my! Can I work for you? I would, just to snag some of that prettily packaged cocoa. ;)

What a wild weekend. Epic.

At first glance, I thought your two yard photos were straight out of a Christmas card! No jokes.

downthegardenpath said...

I remember that snow - I remember appreciating the enforced quiet and seclusion knowing how crazy the next few days would be.
I remember you and Tim going to the store (as all dedicated midwesterners do as a blizzard begins) for emergency supplies - (what might we need?)and all I could think to ask for was lightbulbs and paper cups. You ran into a favorite aide from Naomi's school.
Contemplation has its place, and sometimes a price.
Your creative fires seem to be generating warmth enough for you all, and many more!

MommaMindy said...

You made me weep this morning as you spoke the picture to my heart of Tim shoveling and weeping. I am thankful for the sweet memories of Naomi and the precious ways your family taught the rest of us through your patient and tender ministering to her needs. Thinking of your family fondly today.

Barb said...

I love the Paris gift tags,too.
Where did you get them?

Amanda said...

I went to Jess's crafternoon too! I must have missed ya. I left there feeling so good and full of craftyness. It's a good thing that the next weekend we were snowed in too because I got Christmas cards, cds, and a wreath for my mom made! It was such a good feeling.