Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Enjoying this

I bought this cookbook a few weeks ago. I love using my crockpot but am sometimes frustrated by all the "Crockpot Cookbook Recipes" that call for cream of mushroom soup, cheese soup, etc. as the base for the food. It seems to me like most crockpot recipes border on unhealthy so I was delighted to find this cookbook which offered lots of fresh ideas.

And did I ever tell you about this website? They sell the most amazing beans. I know it sounds crazy but they melt like butter in your mouth. They are a little pricey but their shipping fees are a flat rate so you can really order a lot. (or if you live in the Mpls. area they sell them at Surdyks and The Wedge and possibly more places I am not aware of.) Their products beat canned beans, (or $0.80 dried beans) hands down. I have found the best way to cook them is a very simple process.

1) Soak the bean of your choice overnight in your crockpot

2)Turn them on the next morning when you wake up and cook them throughout the day. By mid-afternoon they will be nice and tender and you can use them as you please.

They also have a great blog with lots of delicious bean recipes.

And I better stop there. I love beans, really love them and I can sit and extol their virtues all day. But in the interest of my readers (sparse though you may be) I will just remind you , like I do my 6-year-old, that beans are really good for you and give you big muscles. (if I believed in using smiley faces I would have put one right there.)


Valerie said...

I spent a wonderful half hour reading posts on the Rancho Gordo website. His passion for all things Mexican is heartwarming.

Your readers may be few, but we are a loyal, hardy group.

bethany said...

Oh, can I extol beans with you as well?! As a girl who rarely eats meat, beans are my very favorite protein.

I may just have to pick up this cookbook. I've always wanted to make use of a crockpot, but have avoided the crockpot recipes for the same reasons as you. But a (healthy) veggie crockpot cookbook? YAY! :)