Saturday, December 11, 2010



We have received a foot of snow thus far, with more expected to fall throughout the night.

I braved the roads this am because I had a hair appointment that I

Maybe wasn't a good plan..... while the roads were
somewhat safe at 7:00 am, three hours later I could barely make it home. The visibility was so bad I seriously debated just getting a hotel in Maple Grove. (12 miles from my home.) But I had a sick little boy at home who needed me............ and he also needed some "Jewish Penicillin." (Little does he know I made the "authentic kind," complete with parsnips, turnips, leeks, lots of onion and garlic.)

I kind of played hookie one day this week and betwen naps I caught the show "The Doctors." They were giving lots of tips on how to avoid colds or feel better when you have one and Chicken Soup and Gargling Salt Water were both on the list. I have a hard time admitting this, but those are both things my Dad always recommended.............. he also gave us blackberry brandy but can you believe the Dr.'s didn't condone that one?

So James shoveled twice, while I worked on Christmas gifts, made soup and watched Christmas movies with Aidan.

You know, I think I wouldn't mind having a blizzard once a week!


Liv said...

I spent the day inside sewing and trying to entertain a two year old. It would have been more fun if the husband didn't have to work, but still it was warm and cozy inside.

bethany said...

Oh my went outside today? You have my utmost respect.

I braved the outdoors for long enough to wade to my car and get a book. That was enough for me. :)

Although I'm not an expert, my friendly local plowman said we got at least 15" by 2pm! I'm sure you've got something similar, as you're not too far away! :)

downthegardenpath said...

I saw the video of the metrodome roof's collapse. Rough.
I'm glad you're home - safe, warm and cozy.